Saturday, May 28, 2011

Coffeeshop Wanted.

Do you ever have those mornings where you wake up and reflect on how everything in your life is actually going right for you, at least in that moment? I mean, my home situation is good.  This college situation is terribly frustrating, but imma get through it.  My relationship with my family feels stronger, though I know we can always work on how we communicate and take time for one other. I try to make it over to the house at least once a week so I can see my family and wash a load of laundry.  No judging... I gotta talk to my Mom every day damn near, or atleast I try.  I'm connected to her daily.  somedays when her pain is that intense, she needs nothing but peace and quiet to deal.  I get that.  So we'll talk the next day or the next, or whenever she's better.

Everything feels right.  My heart is in a good place, though I miss someone deeply.

I'm at kick butt coffee.  It's 9:22am in the morning.  It's me and one other customer inside.  I feel it getting cool in here, so I know I'll need some sun after a while. I'm glad I wrote.

p.s.  If I was at East Village CafĂ©, I could stay there all morning. It seems that whenever I'm low on funds, Ralf always gives me free coffee. And they make it just how I like.  That cup is always a blessing.